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How to Plan a Budget Travel to Alaska

Nature lovers who have been to Alaska never forget its mountains, glaciers, the whales and the bears. Alaska is wild, perhaps the wildest of all the destinations within the US. But, mark you, Alaska is very expensive, not just for travelers but also for its own citizens. But why is it expensive?

First, it all has to do with its location. Alaska is separated from the mainland US by Canada, and it is a huge separation. The nearest mainland city is about 3,500 kilometers from Alaska. Anything that’s not locally produced in Alaska has to be shipped from the mainland across the long distance by plane, boat or truck. This guarantees high costs of such products once brought to Alaska.

Secondly, some of the popular tourist sites in Alaska are far from one another and can only be easily accessed by boat or plane. If you are going to travel around, you will have to dig deeper into your pockets. You will also need an expert guide to have a unique experience at each destination.

Thirdly, Alaska also has short tourism season, which is between June and September, and so at such times, the businesses have to overcharge to compensate for the long season of low income. Tourism in Alaska is thus favoring people on high budgets.

In spite of all these, there are steps you can take to reduce the cost of an Alaskan trip. These tips should guide you if you are on a budget:

Travel with a tent

First, camping is fun. In Alaska, it is one necessary cost-cutting measure.

Along with the tent, come with a sleeping bag, mosquito coils, bugs sprayer, and stove. This will save you hundreds of dollars. Fortunately, Alaska has many spacious campgrounds, especially on weekdays. You should reserve a campsite in advance if you are arriving on the weekend or during the peak season. Alternatively, you can arrive at any campground in the afternoon and look for newly vacant sites to pitch your tent. Your prayer should always be that the weather continues to be fine until the end of your vacation.

Avoid Traveling During the Peak Season

During its short but busy summer, Alaska has no room for budget travelers. If you are tight on budget, you should visit in May. The weather is nice, making it the most optimal month to visit. It is also cheaper to rent cars and make flights around this time. September is another option but it sometimes drizzles a bit, and this can be tricky for a camper.


Most Alaska residents have learned to travel with a packable cooler and fill it up with snacks and food when they pass through a grocery store. There are not many restaurants to come by in many regions and the few you will find charge heavily. You should travel with the necessary food coolers so that you can picnic instead of getting into a restaurant.

Bonus Tip

Do not forget to carry with you the camera. There are so many wonders you will want to capture on camera.

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